Six color process is a system where a color image is separated into six different color values. On the press, the colors are applied one at a time to achieve a finished printed image.

Interstate Packaging Case Studies

The healing garden Organics Wild Honey Collection by Coty Beauty is a certified-organic product line sold in mass-market outlets.  The line’s packaging incorporates vintage design elements that are meant to be reminiscent of old-fashioned apothecary packaging. The packaging was designed by Coty’s team, which included Jane Tarallo, senior global creative director; Jaime Poluan, art director; and Michelle Badalich, a freelance package designer. Producing the labels was a huge challenge for Coty’s package development team.  The single-layer polypropylene labels replicate the look of aged, weathered paper – and they even feel like paper.  “We used a satiny, matte finish to give the labels an organic look,” says Michael Gabry, technical package engineer for Coty.  The labels are supplied by Interstate Packaging, which was instrumental in their development.  “The labels definitely give these packages more of a natural, organic look.  They did a good job,” says Henry Renella, awards panelist and vice president of package development for The Estee Lauder Companies. It took about nine months to launch the collection. “Timing was definitely a challenging factor,” says Gabry. Bautista add, “It was especially tough to maintain a consistent look throughout all of the primary and secondary packages, which were obtained from different suppliers.”  The final result seems to have been well worth the effort. 

CPC Packaging – May/June 2006 Issue

2006 Editor’s Choice

The healing garden Organics Wild Honey Collection by Coty Beauty