Six color process is a system where a color image is separated into six different color values. On the press, the colors are applied one at a time to achieve a finished printed image.


  • High Quality Process Printing
  • Up to 13 Colors
  • Widths Up To 16”
  • Multi-Station Silk Screening
  • Hot Stamping – On line
  • Booklets and Couponing
  • Many National Consumer Products Produced
  • Offer Technical Assistance

Sizes: up to 16”
Colors: up to 10 colors plus 3 screens for 13 total colors
Pressure sensitive papers and films
Paper/foil pouch stock
Board Stock
Litho Papers

Process / Line Work
HIgh speed slitting w/count verification
Flexographic and  U.V. w/Rotary Screens
Hot Stamping
Cold Foiling
Die Cutting
Booklets / Couponing
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